Vision & mission

Our goal here at PowerByte is to establish and maintain long-term relationships with our customers by being a trusted resource in the IT Industry and by constantly exceeding your expectations in sales, service, and support.

Our strength is providing our clients with superior service, trust, integrity, knowledge and competitive pricing.  PowerByte is a company with innovation, technical expertise, co-operation and commitment to our customers.

To serve our clients better, we have narrowed down our product line as well as picked up innovative products and services that the industry is endorsing to help customers become competitive and save money.

Our vision…

Your Information Technology Challenge…. Our Passion

Our mission…

PowerByte is up to any customer challenge. We partner with our customers, suppliers and manufacturers to provide the best technology solution required for Customers to achieve their technology goals and optimize their investment. We integrate knowledge, service, support, technical expertise and product integration. Our customers continually choose PowerByte because of our FAST program.

Our values…

At the core of PowerByte is our passion for the information technology challenge, working as a team, our integrity, and earning your respect as a reliable, dependable IT provider.

Passion and Teamwork

  1. We strive for success for customers, suppliers and staff

  2. We embrace technology, share ideas to resolve customer issues

  3. We train, develop and reward employees

  4. We encourage teamwork so that one person or a group of individuals can achieve common and bigger objectives

  5. Teamwork involves joint problem solving, consensus decision making, shared leadership and win/win conflict resolution.

  6. We understand that the collective output of a team will always surpass the capabilities of the individual.

  7. We are dedicated to the long-term success of the company, our customers and to its employees.

  8. We believe that when people are passionate about their work, it creates a stimulating work environment.


  1. We conduct business with honesty

  2. We keep our word

  3. We believe in open communication


  1. We deal with others in a responsible and reasonable manner

  2. We value one another’s time, perspectives & differences and demonstrate respect by being accessible, responsive and supportive of each other

  3. We assume people’s good intentions, look for their positive potential & always treat them kindly

  4. If we disagree or don’t understand, we ask clarifying questions

PowerByte’s FAST program

PowerByte’s FAST program has been providing our clients with timely solutions to whatever IT challenge they are facing through:

  1. FAST quotations

  2. FAST order process (correct the first time)

  3. FAST delivery (complete as per order)

  4. FAST and thorough integration

  5. FAST invoicing (includes shipping costs)

  6. FAST hassle-free warranty

  7. FAST support & service