Extreme Networks

We know enterprises can’t meet the challenges of 21st century digital transformation with 20th century networks. That’s why we’re focused on the enterprise market with proven solutions that deliver the agile, adaptive networks enterprises need to transform their business.

Helping the Government to Leverage IT to Meet their Mission

39 seconds in between attacks from hackers

60% rate security as top priority for IoT devices in government

14% amount saved by Federal agencies by leverage analytics

Why Extreme Networks for Government Agencies?

Extreme automates, manages, controls, and secures federal government networks, so agencies can leverage IT to meet their critical missions.

Connecting Smart Government with Advanced Network Infrastructure and Analytics

66% of state and local IT managers are aware of the Smart City concept and have started planning projects.

2-3 mil average number smart IoT devices that major U.S. cities like New York need to manage.

39% of city IT managers plan to launch an IoT project in the next 12 months.

Why Extreme Networks for State and Local Government?

Extreme Networks delivers software-driven networking solutions that are hyper-reliable and easily-managed to improve responsiveness to the needs of your citizens.

Connecting the Smart Hospital for Better Healthcare Outcomes

78% of hospitals are allowing physicians to utilize personally owned devices at the point of care.

71% of hospitals in North America have biomedical devices on the wireless network.

88% of healthcare organizations have reduced the cost of software using the cloud.

Why Extreme Networks for Healthcare?

Extreme Networks helps safeguard critical patient information to protect people, places, and assets from the ever-present threat of breaches.

Welcome to the Smart Campus

44% of colleges think their infrastructure is inadequate for video from the cloud.

70% believe video cameras should be in the classroom.

84% of schools heavily or moderately use online testing.

Why Extreme Networks for Higher Education?

Extreme Networks provides open, software-driven educational networking solutions that are agile, adaptive and secure to enable the digital transformation of education to transition to the smart campus.

Delivering a Personalized Guest Experience

75% of Hotels and Resorts in the U.S. Plan to Use Location-Based Services in the Next Year.

>70% of Mobile Professionals Have Chosen a Hotel Based on Wi-Fi Experience.

65% of Guests Accessed the Internet Within 7 minutes of their Stay.

Why Extreme Networks for Hospitality?

Extreme’s software-driven, secure, and smart network infrastructure meets the unique business and physical needs of the mobile-driven hospitality environment to help deliver a quality guest experience.

Connecting the Smart Classroom

70% of schools are moving to digital textbooks.

43% of schools can still not customize each student’s network access.

20% of kindergartners have Internet-connected phones.

Why Extreme Networks for Primary/Secondary Education?

To enable digital transformation and the shift to smart schools, Extreme Networks deliver hyper-reliable, easily-managed network infrastructure for K-12 education.

Build for Today and Tomorrow with Smart Manufacturing

$183B dollars (in billions) manufacturing industry is investing in IoT in 2017.

60% of manufacturers use analytics to analyze and optimize processes.

9/10 companies are investing in digital factories to improve production efficiency.

Why Extreme Networks for Manufacturing?

Extreme Networks reliably and securely connects manufacturing users with their operations throughout the enterprise to improve overall business performance.

Creating the Ultimate In-Store Experience for the Connected Shopper

90% of Retail Sales still Occurs in Brick & Mortar Stores.

>70% of Shoppers Use their Phone In-Store to Help them Shop.

75% of Shoppers are Open to Receiving In-Store Promotions or Offerings.

Why Extreme Networks for Retail?

Extreme’s Retail solutions provide businesses with a cloud-driven, flexible and scalable solution that meet operational and customer-facing needs, and delivers better customer experiences.

Enhancing the In-Venue Experience One Fan at a Time

41% Average Number of Unique Wi-Fi Clients Per Game, ’17-’18 NFL Season

65% Online Adults Use Public Wi-Fi Networks

16.3TBs Data Transferred Across Wi-Fi at Super Bowl LII

Why Extreme Networks for Sport and Public Venues?

Extreme Network’s customer-driven solutions enhance the in-venue experience by delivering quality, secure Wi-Fi connectivity to fans.