Trusted Storage Provider

PowerByte’s expertise with various storage technologies can assist your company to determine the perfect solution (Big Data, Cloud, Converged Infrastructure) to meet your requirements.

Because in today’s world, information is everywhere, in every form. Content is king and because of that, organizations of all sizes face mounting pressure to efficiently store all their documents, data, images, emails and other kinds of information that define their businesses (structured or unstructured data).  Meeting that challenge calls for a different kind of storage experience. PowerByte is committed to doing exactly that, with enterprise-class, easy-to-use and efficient storage solutions that provide our customers with uncompromising value.

How does PowerByte define that value? It’s about providing products for enterprise-class applications, but purpose-built with the needs of the customer in mind. It’s about options, comparing technologies & solutions, footprint, ease of use, reliability, scalability, environmentally green focused on reducing power consumption.  It is the PowerByte vision! It is the PowerByte promise!