SignalVault (RFID)

Protect your Identity from electronic pick pocketing known as “Crowd Hacking”.
With SignalVault you protect your credit, debit cards & passports from hackers using RFID scanners.

The SignalVault uses E-Field Technology to make information invisible to hackers:

  • Without batteries
  • Requires no charging
  • Last 3 years
  • Like a bulletproof vest for your wallet
  • Contains a microchip that detects scanners and creates white noise to mask your information!


Here are some videos you may find of interest, and concern about the potential risks.

Female Hacker Steals Credit Card Numbers – SignalVault Product Video

SignalVault Latest Version – Released 9/25/15 With Shark Tank Premiere!

SignalVault Shark Tank Pitch & Update!

SignalVault Credit & Debit Card Protector – Signal Vault Review & How To Video

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