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Backing up 100 terabytes of data remotely is HARD.  Recovering entire servers in 5 minutes is HARDER.   Max Backup & Disaster Recovery does the hard stuff.

Massive Scalability:  Backup 1000’s of servers & laptops from a single management interface, using a mix of local and remote storage.

Incredible Speed:  Super-efficient TrueDelta technology removes the bottlenecks that make other systems slow.

Built for IT Pros:  Max Backup & Disaster Recovery is preventing data loss and downtime in 168 countries around the world.

Cross-Platform Support:  Windows, MAC, Linux, Solaris

Amazing Speed:  Max Backup software is known for being very fast.

  • Deep Deduplication: Prevents the sending of identical data, at the block level
  • Delta Slicing: Send only the changes within a file
  • True Delta Discovery: Skip unchanged directories without testing
  • Data Pre-Processing: Minimizes network sessions, latency, and storage operations

Licensing options for every need – Backup Exec gives you the ability to choose the right licensing model for your environment at a price point you can afford. Flexible licensing options include per TB with our capacity offerings that are scalable to accommodate data growth.

  • Capacity Edition—Deploy an unlimited number of Backup Exec Media Servers, Agents and Options (Licensed per TB)
  • Capacity Edition Lite—A more affordable solution for smaller customers that includes protection for Windows and Linux operating systems, VMware and Hyper-V virtual environments, Microsoft applications, Oracle, Lotus Domino, and Enterprise Vault (Licensed per TB)
  • V-Ray Edition—Protects an unlimited number of guest machines per host including all of the applications and databases (Licensed per occupied processor socket on the virtual host)
  • Traditional—Licensing per Backup Exec server with Agents and Options available based on need

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