Data Application Performance with Isilon

Isilon delivers increased performance for file-based data applications and workflows, from the highest performance, I/O-intensive applications, to primary and secondary storage, to nearline archives, all from a single file system architecture. Powered by the OneFS® Operating System, all components in an Isilon cluster create a unified pool of highly efficient storage-with a proven 80 percent storage utilization rate. Isilon’s high efficiency means less physical storage is required to house the same amount of data, reducing capital and operating costs.

NEXSAN: A different kind of storage experience

Nexsan provides a comprehensive range of enterprise-class, easy-to-use and efficient system solutions that offer customers the ultimate value proposition when it comes to meeting their ever-evolving storage requirements.



Simple, Yet Surprisingly Powerful

Imation’s Nexsan NST2000 delivers next-generation hybrid caching technology to mid-sized organizations, fulfilling changing application and storage needs with new levels of performance, scalability and efficiency. With FASTier hybrid caching, the NST2000 accelerates performance while the unified protocol enables mixed applications. The NST2000 delivers a full enterprise-class feature set for your mid-size data center storage.

The Nexsan NST2000 is a modern hybrid storage appliance, a more efficient, agile and intelligent alternative to traditional storage arrays, filers, and all-flash arrays. Organizations have different needs for performance, capacity and connectivity when managing and protecting the data that drives your business. The NST2000 blends solid-state technology, a scalable back-end storage infrastructure, multiple NAS/iSCSI/FC front-end connections, and enterprise-class data management services in a single system. It gives you the convenience and control to meet the needs of one or more workloads in one dedicated, easy-to-use appliance.

Key Features Include:

  • Performance Agility:
    Compared with traditional caching techniques, FASTier® hybrid caching accelerates performance for mixed application workload environments.
  • Unified Flexibility:
    Unified Hybrid Storage provides transparent scaling of application and using block (iSCSI) and file (CIFS, NFS, FTP) network protocols.
  • Hybrid Scalability:
    Scalable storage options let you scale storage capacity and performance with FASTier caching to meet your business’s changing needs.


Effective and Efficient Security for the Public Cloud


Security in the public cloud is a shared responsibility. The provider secures the infrastructure, but you need to protect what you put in the cloud. FortiGate next generation firewalls (NGFW) let you easily and cost-effectively keep your workloads safe in clouds such as AWS, Microsoft Azure, and OpenStack-based.

FortiGate next generation firewalls enable and secure your cloud deployments with:

Top-rated protection tested by NSS Labs, Virus Bulletin, and AV Comparatives
Simplified security with easy-to-manage, single-platform solution across on-premises and cloud deployments
Cloud-ready multitenant and virtual domain support for multi-tiered security function segmentation
Actionable reports to enforce policies, understand targeted attacks, and meet compliance


Extreme Networks



Security & Policy Management from Network Node to Individual Device!

Expect adaptive control, granular visibility, and simplicity from your security solution. Detailed, context-based awareness, event triggering, and detailed reports ensure valuable network resources are safe and available.

Intrusion Prevention System

Provides exceptional functionality by locating, containing, and removing the source of the attack from the network.

Security Analytics

Uses advanced surveillance and forensics analysis to deliver situational awareness of both external and internal threats.

“No one else had the full level of policy that Extreme Networks had; a few vendors could do some policy but they didn’t have the management platform to push it out across the network,”

                        – Dave Hayler, Director of IT Infrastructure & Systems, Appalachian State University

Extreme Networks